San Diego, CA, Chicago IL– May 26 2020 – Unmanned Systems Operations Group, Inc (USOG) has formed a strategic partnership with Valqari, LLC (Valqari) to address the ‘last stage’ in the drone delivery process. Valqari’s Medical Drone Delivery Station ( provides that essential hands-free, no contact, safe, and secure drone “Mail Box” and handling system that enables any drone to be part of an autonomous end-to-end delivery system. Valqari’s Point-to-Point Delivery Service provides full “chain of custody,” climate control, and package sanitation, which fits numerous use cases from military logistics, parcel services, hospitality, maritime, to mining and forestry applications. – “Valqari is the universal, “drone agnostic” receptacle for drone deliveries, and we are looking forward to the partnership,” said Ryan Walsh, CEO.
USOG and Valqari are working on launching a pilot program with on-demand Pharma and Health Care providers to develop medical delivery systems via an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) in a post-COVID-19, no-contact, “click and collect” delivery environment. This collaboration will prove the technical capabilities in real-world delivery conditions within rural, suburban, and metropolitan areas – some of the most challenging delivery conditions and regulations. The project will encompass all aspects of UAS operations to include safety, FAA compliance, convenience, security, and the real time tracking of high value, sensitive goods. It will also measure the overall acceptance of drone deliveries and the customer satisfaction of clients.
“We are well-positioned to leverage the combined capabilities of Valqari’s drone delivery station and USOG’s UAS Mobile Distribution Hub ™ (UMDH). Our hub provides a mobile platform to operate and monitor UAS flights and missions, as well as providing a support area for field system maintenance. We don’t focus on just the last mile of delivery. We focus on safe and secure deliveries down to the last inch of the last 5 miles.” Pharns Genece, CEO USOG.

About USOG
USOG is a technology development and systems integration company. We integrate platforms, hardware, software, and services, molding them into adaptable, fully functional automated systems.

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