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USOG is transforming the last mile of delivery for medical assets and consumer goods.

Unmanned Systems Operations Group (USOG) is a pioneering logistics solutions company specializing in unmanned systems and secure transportation and delivery of drone flight missions by land, air or sea.

Lead by visionary Pharns Genece, a former US Air Force Medevac with 18 years’ experience as a highly trained flight nurse, certified to administer critical and emergency care for patients during flight rescue operations, USOG is a leading edge provider of medical logistics solutions.

Pharns was inspired both by an eye-witness account of drones delivering medical supplies in the rural provinces of Africa – and conversations he had with a medical transplant coordinator at UCSD. He learned that on many occasions, blood samples were being delivered to the wrong places, and to the wrong people.  This inspired Pharns to take action and shape a vision of standards for the transportation process in the medical community.

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